BDKTPodcast – Ep 06: Banned Books With Joe Hogan

We welcome educator, fellow podcaster, and friend of the show, Joe Hogan, for a stirring discussion about banned books in honor of Banned Books Week.

Listen as we discuss banned books from our own perspectives, why banning books is the wrong way to deal with supposedly “offensive” written content, and how we react to a century-old, controversial book title, with the intent of taking the conversation down a different path.

This is one of the more stirring discussions we have had, and certainly one of the most passionate so far.

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BDKTPodcast – Ep 05: Epic Tennis

Mandy and Kevin discuss two movies that depict famous tennis matches of the past. First is “Battle of the Sexes,” starring Emma Stone and Steve Carell, which depicts the legendary 1973 tennis match between Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs;  and second is the Swedish film, “Borg/McEnroe” starring Sverrir Gudnason and Shia LaBeouf, which depicts the lives of two great tennis rivals, Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe, and the 1980 Wimbledon Final match they played which is widely considered the best tennis match ever played.

(No tennis knowledge is necessary to enjoy this dive into sports and cultural history.)

Bobby Riggs on 60 Minutes:

Battle of the Sexes film trailer:

Borg v. McEnroe/Wimbledon 1980:The infamous 4th set tiebreaker:

Borg/McEnroe red band film trailer (nsfw):

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BDKTPodcast – Ep 04: Princess Diana

Mandy and Kevin offer a celebratory perspective on the life of Diana, Princess of Wale, who tragically met her end on August 31, 1997.

Find out:

  1. What was Diana’s favorite food?
  2. What was her favorite color?
  3. Did she ever dress as a man to hide from photographers?
  4. Why is she still beloved to this very day?

Show Notes:

Diana AIDS/HIV handshake without gloves :

Video of Father talking about Down Syndrome:

Photo of Diana, Phillip, and Andrew on a log ride:

BDKTPodcast – Ep 03: Total Solar Eclipse

Inspired by the 8/21/2017 total solar eclipse in the United States, listen as Kevin and Mandy delve into the fascinating world of an astronomical event that was far more amazing than they ever realized. Find out about Bailey’s Beads, The American Eclipse of 1878, and how to view a total solar eclipse and not be completely disappointed.

Enjoy this conversation about how a total solar eclipse might just be the best thing you will ever experience in your lifetime.

BDKTPodcast – Ep 02: Louis Armstrong

When researching Louis Armstrong, we fell down the jazz rabbit hole a bit. There was so much about this incredible man’s life that no hour-long podcast can do him justice, but we did our best to give you a rounded perspective on this jazz genius’ incredible life. You will learn:

1. How getting arrested as a boy became the best thing that ever happened to Louis.

2. Why he said that a US President had no “guts?”


3. Why did Louis embrace, of all things, laxatives? 

Show Notes:

Louis and His Hot Five “Heebie Jeebies”:

Disneyland After Dark –

Louis and His All-Stars in Ghana (1956) –

Kevin’s Choice of Biography: Louis Armstrong: And Extravagant Life, by Laurence Bergreen

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BDKTPodcast – Ep 01: Dunkirk

Our first official episode of Betcha Didn’t Know That is on Dunkirk, in partial honor of the Christopher Nolan film, “Dunkirk,” to be released this week. This episode is the perfect primer to get up to speed on this historical event in WWII so you won’t enter the theater uninformed

During the episode, we learn the answers to the following questions:

  1. How did the British and French get trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk?
  2. Who was to blame for the infamous “Halt Order?”
  3. Why is this military failure considered a British victory?
  4. And why Americans suck for not really knowing anything about this day of tragedy and resilience.

It’s a fascinating and fun conversation, and we hope you enjoy it.


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BDKTPodcast – Ep 00: Introducing Our New Podcast: “Betcha Didn’t Know That”

Welcome to the main page of Betcha Didn’t Know That, the podcast where we go off the beaten path to explore topics in detail so you don’t have to.

We are two friends. Our names are Kevin Nieman and Mandy Blake, and we are the hosts of Betcha Didn’t Know That, which is a biweekly podcast dedicated to revealing the research we did on one topic per episode.

This is our very first recording, so it is a little rambling, but we get our point across. We explain the origin of the show, what to expect every other Monday, and we give a tease regarding what to expect for Episode 01. Please enjoy.


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